Saturday, March 9, 2013

Father Barron Reports from the Vatican

I have had some pretty lengthy, in depth blog posts lately and havent taken time to address the Papal Conclave coming up on Tuesday.  I am very excited to see what will transpire and am praying the church will emerge with the perfect leader to move us forward in this century.  I always enjoy Father Barron's commentaries, he has been very instrumental in guiding me into the Catholic Faith.  He is clear concise and knowledgeable in explaining theology and the culture.  I am thrilled that NBC has hired him to be their correspondent for the Conclave.  Here is one of his first videos from the Vatican. It sounds like there are murmurs of the possibility of an American Pope which would be very interesting.  Whoever it is, I hope that it is someone that Christians can rally behind and someone that can Evangelize the culture like Father Barron has.  I should mention too that I have so much respect and appreciation for Pope Benedict, he is an excellent theologian and did an excellent job leading. If you have not read any of his books then please do, they are masterpieces. I believe it speaks so highly of his heart for the church that he stepped down, so that someone younger can lead the church instead of it stagnating in his old age.

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